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The ArsDigita Foundation's mission is to foster the development of web services that work better for society. With a commitment to outstanding education, training and technical assistance, the Foundation's programs include, ArsDigita University, ArsDigita Prize, ArfDigita, and others. Formed in 1998, the foundation received its 501 (c) 3 status in 1999. We are supported by a generous commitment from the ArsDigita Corporation and its employees.

We are accepting applications for September 2000 ArsDigita University students (deadline: August 1).

ArsDigita University

ArsDigita Prize


We provide technical assistance and server resources helping people develop work solutions. is launching the 2000 National Tour providing technical assistance to hundreds of animal shelters across the United States.


We're hiring for several positions at ArsDigita University. Bright, motivated volunteers and summer interns are also needed for a variety of foundation initiatives. See the jobs page.

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